Used Car Inspection

Before you buy a used car, a professional mechanic should go through a thorough inspection of the entire vehicle. A qualified mechanic can perform a full evaluation of any vehicle that you are interested in purchasing. A proper inspection of a vehicle will give you the confidence to make a right decision.

A test drive is a very important part of the inspection. A planned route should be taken so that one is familiar with to assess the car. By taking a familiar route, you would know how a car should handle. The road should have some bumps and at least some tight turns to see how the ride and performance is.

Opening up the hood and taking a look at the obvious is something anyone can do. Only a trained mechanic knows what to look for and if it is serious or not. A small oil leak might not be a serious problem, but you will need what it takes to fix it or abandon the situation.

There are three major aspects that most people forget to pay attention to:

  1. Has the vehicle ever been in a serious wreck? A little fender bender is not a major issue. An accident that can cause chassis or severe body damage can affect the way a car rides and performs. An inspection of the title can usually clear up any doubts. You need to find out if the title is clean and if there have been any major damages (especially a rebuild to the vehicle).
  2. If repairs were done on the vehicle, they were done properly. A trained eye will let you know if all of the bolts and protective covers were replaced after a repair was done. Even if your mechanic is not a bodyman, he will be able to tell if there are improper repairs to the bodywork.
  3. The electrical system and components. This is more than a computer scan, it includes all of the system. Something as small as a taillight not working to a secure ignition key can mean costly expenses in the future.

Have peace in your mind when you are making the decision of purchasing a used (new to you) car. Legacy Automotive is here to help evaluate the vehicle you are looking to buy. Contact us and we will explain the process and the services that we offer to give you confidence in your purchase.


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