Suspension and Steering

The suspension system in a car could make the difference in between a nice smooth ride or a ride in some type of horse drawn buggy. When most people think of suspensions, they really don’t realize how many components there are to it. Much less how complicated they can be.

Suspensions are not just shock absorbers like most people think. Bushings, ball joints, tie-rod ends and other parts, there are many pieces that work together to give you a smooth ride.

Most cars use a strut type (also called MacPherson) suspension. This is the shock absorber. Some models will have a replaceable cartridge. Others will have the entire unit.

From the outside in the wheel bearings are what keeps the wheels turning. If you hear a squeaking noise coming from the wheels and increasing in frequency with speed, it might be your bearings. Extreme temperature changes and normal wear and tear on the greases that protect the bearings.

The bushings connect all of the parts together to make the suspension work. Worn bushings can cause shaking and wobbling when driving. Oil is an enemy of the rubber that bushing are made out of. If your car has an oil leak, it would be a good time to have your mechanic to take a look at your bushings.

Next up, tie-rods. Tie-rods are what connect your steering to the wheel. They are what attaches the wheel to the rack and pinion (or steering box), that attaches to the wheel itself. They play a major part in the alignment of the vehicle. Not only do they control toe-in and toe-out, having them replaced can stop the shaking of the tires when you are going around a corner.

The rack and pinion system is the most commonly used vehicles now. When you turn the steering wheel, the rack and pinion changes those movements to 90 degrees. Hydraulic pressure against the valves helps to “assist” you in steering. When the rack and pinion senses pressure from one side (making a turn), it pushes the pressure to make the turn happen. The seals that make this process happen are critical to the proper functioning.

There are a lot of complicated and precisely engineered part that keep your car in control when you are behind the wheel. With our top of the line Hunter Alignment Machine, we have the capabilities to perform what you need done to your hybrid vehicle.


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