Hybrid Maintenance and Repair

As we all know hybrid vehicles are not your everyday vehicle. They require specialized training to be able to diagnose and repair these vehicles. Not only do they have a regular combustion engine but also a complex electrical system and motor. Only trust a certified mechanic to service your vehicle.

Specialized tools are necessary to diagnose and repair hybrid vehicles. The hybrid multimeter is one of the major tools that we use to diagnose the vehicles that we work on.
This specialized tool not only measures voltage but also measures various temperatures throughout the vehicle. Legacy Automotive’ technicians have the proper tools and training to make sure that your vehicle is running smooth.

Because of the fact that these vehicles have both a gas engine and an electric motor, it takes special training to maintain and repair these vehicles.

Maintenance of a hybrid vehicle is different of a normal car. Oil changes are not as frequent as a normal car. It can be extended for a longer time because of the fact that the engine is not used on a full time basis. Not only are the changes of the oil and oil filter, it also affects things like the air filter and other commonly replaced parts. The belts, spark plugs, hoses and most other parts have twice the lifetime since they are only used half of the lifetime of the vehicle.

The front braking system is extremely important for most hybrids. They also regenerate power for the vehicle when braking. A vehicle front brakes are extremely important for the stopping power (they usually provide 70% of the stopping power for most vehicles). These types of brakes are called regenerative brakes. They are much more complicated than a normal braking system. Because of the fact that they also recharge the batteries as they stop the vehicle, it is a much more intricate system than your everyday car. We have the proper tool and equipment to take care of any maintenance and repairs you might need for this delicate system.

The battery packs that are used in these vehicles are not your everyday battery packs. They are bulky and extremely heavy. We still haven’t even talked about the dangerous high voltage that is associated with them either. Most people do not realize that battery packs can be reconditioned. New batteries have an average cost in between $400 to $8000. When your miles-per-gallon gets worse and your car has no get up and go, it is time to have a look at the battery.

When dealing with a hybrid car, it is important to make sure you have a qualified mechanic. The correct tools and training are needed to perform inspection and repairs on hybrid vehicles. Contact Legacy Automotive to diagnose and repair your hybrid vehicle, we have the proper tools and training to get your car back into shape.


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