Heating and Cooling

Your vehicles heating and cooling system is not that complicated of a system, but it is vital for the car. The system helps maintain the proper temperature for operation.

Heat is generated during normal engine operation. Much of the heat is released through the exhaust system. The rest of the heat needs to be extracted from the engine. This is achieved by a mix of coolant and water. If you do not have the proper mix, the system will not function efficiently.

The mix flows through the engine gathering heat. It then flows through the radiator and the heater core in the cabin of the vehicle. The heater core is what controls the cabin temperature for heating.

Making sure that the system is properly maintained is important so that the vehicle stays in top shape. The coolant can break down over time and cause corrosion damage to the parts.

When changing the coolant it is important to make sure it is topped off completely. Not doing so will cause air pockets and keep the coolant from circulating proper.

The water pump is responsible for circulating the coolant. Usually just by removing the radiator cap with the engine running will allow you to see the liquid moving around. Just be careful not to remove the cap when the engine is at operating temperature (hot).

Come in and let us revise your cooling system by one of our qualified technicians. Legacy Automotive is here for all of your cooling system needs.


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